Jan 09 2019

Inner Cities – 8th January 2019

The topic for the evening was retail within inner cities. We received two insightful presentations; firstly the Executive Director of the Norwich Business Improvement District (BID) Stefan Gurney, who provided an introduction and overview to the Norwich BID and the work they undertake. Stefan outlined the growth of the Norwich BID to support businesses within the inner ring road, run the Visit Norwich campaign and provide support to a diverse and wide ranging organisations.

Particularly interesting was the dynamic footfall statistics and the positive message these provide in comparison with the rest of the UK, with a significant increase in footfall year on year. Stefan concluded by looking at potential trends for the future of retail such as Amazon Go and drone delivery.

Minnie Moll, Chief Executive Officer of Jarrold Retail provided an impactful and uplifting presentation on her role within Jarrolds and the store’s role within the city. Off the back of very positive Christmas sales she provided an insight into what inspires her within retail and lessons we can learn from retail within the UK and internationally.

She reaffirmed the position Norwich enjoys as a city and gave a look forward to the further steps Jarrold may take to continue their success.

Following the presentations we split into small groups and participated in an interactive exercise to look at key sites in Norwich and consider how these could be developed. A lively discussion and an excellent feedback session followed.

Many thanks to MLM for sponsoring the event.

Below are both the presentations together with a link to the Norwich BID montage plus a few photos of the evening.