Oct 29 2018

The Economy – Tuesday 13th November 2018

We were delighted to welcome back Tim Pike to our stage, soon after he recently retired from his tenure as Deputy Agent at the Bank of England. Tim thrilled us with his data-based insights on the state of the economy and the possible far reaching impacts of Brexit posed to Construction. The key takeaways from Tim were: the importance of listening to business, his expectation for lower inflation in future months and years, and the need for the UK to drive back towards a highly-educated, knowledge-based nation with a fabulous political and legal system. Certain aspects of manufacture will not necessarily come back to the UK due to low cost labour and advanced robotics in developing nations. For construction he emphasised the paramount need to innovate and drive up productivity through Modern Methods of Construction, with the possibility of capturing an untapped export market to the rest of the world.  Many thanks to Harrison Group Environmental for sponsoring the event.