Feb 16 2014

Innovation – 11 February 2014.

Construction Excellence Seminar – Tuesday 11 February 2014


Innovation – What is it and where does it come from?


A four part presentation on Innovation took place on the evening of the 11 February. Click on the speakers’ names below to open their presentations.


The usual link to the NRP Enterprise Centre looking at Innovation within the Project started the presentation.


The focus was on pushing the envelope of what is good practice and on the use of Thatch as a 21st Century building material.


Mike Rhodes of Coaction Consulting looked at the conditions of innovation and the traits that can allow for innovation to flourish: Leadership, vision, collaboration, vision, trust giving time and motivation along with some examples of innovation in the industry covering cost, delivery and materials.


Andi Gibbs bravely described his own personal view of innovation advocating risk taking in design and the fine arts illustrated by his models, painting and projects.


Simon Smith looked at construction innovation in and around Norwich from 1804 to the present day and asked us all to question what future demand will mean to the industry and how lean design must be the way to innovate when scarcity of materials becomes real.


I learnt that to innovate you have to take risks and be allowed to fail, have vision and lead and endeavour to be on the business not in the business to enable opportunities to innovate to be identified then using traits mentioned above to implement it.


Roger Bond

Chair of Committee


The event was sponsored by Read Spicer Architecture.