Dec 14 2018

Sustainability – Tuesday 11th December 2018

This week we welcomed Ed Gillespie, a writer, futurist, campaigner and entrepreneur who has spent the last twenty years at the pioneering edge of environmental and sustainability business and communications. He practices what he preaches and talks internationally on a broad range of environmental issues.  Ed gave an impassioned speech on the looming environmental crisis and the challenges we face as a society if we do not act now.
Fortunately, he also made some practical suggestions on how we can all make a difference both individually and as part of the construction sector.  One take-away was that  ‘The greenest brick is the one which is already in the wall’….    It sounds obvious to re purpose the buildings we already have and with fresh thinking, innovation and a collaborative approach we can seek out opportunities to breath new life into our existing buildings to upgrade thermal performance and help them serve rapidly changing working and shopping patterns.
Many thanks to Senior Architectural Systems for sponsoring the event.

Ed is kindly sharing his slides with us.  There were so many we have had to split the presentation into 8 parts to fit onto the website.

Ed Gillespie – Part 1

Ed Gillespie – Part 2

Ed Gillespie – Part 3

Ed Gillespie – Part 4

Ed Gillespie – Part 5

Ed Gillespie – Part 6

Ed Gillespie – Part 7

Ed Gillespie – Part 8